1Why use a retirement home specialist?
We are unbiased with extensive knowledge about what each home has to offer. Our services take you from the first initial steps to move in. We eliminate the homes that will not meet your specific preferences, saving you time, money and aggravation.
2Why do you not charge anything for your services?

We understand that being a senior can be an expensive time in a person life. Perfect Placements has agreements with the homes in our network that pay for referring clients to their homes, allowing us to provide our services to our clients at absolutley no charge to them, whatsoever!

Does this mean that you are biased on the homes you recommend? No way, our network includes a variety of homes that we can choose from, based on our clients needs and preferences.

3What information will you gather at our first meeting?

Our first meeting will be a meet & greet to understand what specific needs you are looking for in a home. We will ask questions related to health concerns, financial budget, location preference, interests etc. At no time do we ever ask or need to see private, sensitive documents.

After that meeting, we recommend 3-4 homes that will meet all is required. We book tours with the homes and even go with you on the tours. After each tour, we discuss your thoughts on the home. Once the tours have been completed, we discuss what home you would like to move into.

4What is the difference between Retirement Homes and Long Term Care Homes?

A retirement home is a privately-owned residence that provides rental accommodation with care and services for seniors who are able to fund this lifestyle on their own.

Long term care homes, unlike retirement communities, are funded by the province. Provinces fund medical and support services and residents pay for their room and board. No one is refused access on the ability to pay and subsidies are available for seniors and their families who cannot pay the full room and board fees Long-term care communities are similar to assisted living communities, although they are equipped to care for seniors with more serious health issues.

Personal and 24-hour nursing care is provided, as well as access to doctors and other health care providers. Contact info for CCAC- 905-684-9441.

5How long does it take to find a home?
All situations are unique. For a hospital discharge or emergency, a placement can be made in a little a few days. If we have no immediate concerns, we can take as much time is needed to find the perfect home.
6How much does it cost for Retirement home?
Prices are based on a number of different factors: Room size, services needed and room location may be some of the influences that will affect the amount of a month rent.
7How do I know when to start looking for a home?
All situations come with varied reasons for planning a move. Making this decision comes with many emotional up and downs. It is always better to make a decision to move before you need to make a move. Seniors health conditions can change quickly or may not be noticed until there is a problem.

Moving into a home can provide social simulation, improved diet, 24-hour care, activities - including fitness classes and peace of mind for loved ones.

Moving into a retirement home when still active with minimal health concerns allows you to enjoy the ammonites that the homes offer- the freedom of not having to prepare meals, property maintenance, driving, etc.
8What is the difference between Perfect Placements and Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)?
We work with Retirement Homes and CCAC works with Long Term Care Homes. In order to meet eligibility to move to Long Term Care (LTC), a case manager from CCAC will need to do a home visit and an assessment. Retirement Homes are privately owned and do not need CCAC’s involvement.